Am I a Christian?

One man's exploration of his beliefs in God, his beliefs in Christianity, and how all of that relates to the world. The answer to the question I ask in the title of this blog is emphatically Yes, but you are free to disagree with that. I have no objection to being called a heretic as long as you do it respectfully.

Location: Oregon, United States

I'm a 42-year-old cradle Episcopalian (Anglican) with an above-average grounding in theology. I am on the Catholic end of Anglicanism.

I am using my blog to explore my beliefs in Christianity, in God, in the Church, in the world, and whether or not any of it makes a wit of difference.

I have no doubt that I am a Christian, but I also know full well that many will consider some of my positions quite orthodox, while considering others of my positions heretical.

I do my best to discuss things respectfully. I believe there are truths in most religions. There are two religions that I will not discuss because I believe them to be based on fraud, and I cannot discuss anything to do with Fred Phelps or his family in a civil manner.

31 May 2006


I am using this as a way to explore my beliefs regarding Christianity, regarding God, regarding what of these things may actually be important, and regarding what of these things is of little or no importance.

This is coming from a lifetime of exploration when it comes to theology, and my own struggles with certain ideas and certain doctrines. It comes from a lifetime within the Church, and major periods of time outside the Church. I have faith while having immense doubts at the same time.

I will try to write something at least once per week. Sometimes I will write more often; sometimes less often. I will make no effort to present thoughts in any particular order. Each post should stand on its own, but a reading of multiple posts will give a better idea of my thinking. My thinking will sometimes appear quite orthodox while appearing quite heretical other times, sometimes in the same post.